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Barry Steele


A passion for music, a love of Disco, a creator of “THE PARTY” what more can we say? Barry’s first set of decks were recieved when he was only 14 years old. After already playing the drums for 10 years at this point, it was decided to introduce another musical hobby. 6 months later, Barry was a resident on a local community radio station, hosting his very own under 16s night at 2 local night clubs, and making mixtapes like no other. At 21 Barry was already regulary playing at venues like THE COURT YARD, EVOLUTION, TIGER TIGER, REVOLUTION, ANGELS, PURE, MINISTRY, and many many many other club nights, events and tours around the UK. He has appeared at gigs up mountains, at Wakeboard festivals, Snow Board events, and many gigs hes probably forgotten. At 29 he took time out from the industry after describing a 7 night week, almost 10 full year period of amazing times, amazing experiances but many of those loney, as he looked over the dance floor at people having the time of their life, as he pushed to create those memories for others. But the relentless party had to stop. “2020 saw the return of Barry’s love for music right in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic. He asked the one serious question, DO YOU REALLY KNOW LOVE?……… This was the start of Glitter filled, Disco Infused House Music shows that is now a brand in its self.

My Mission.

To create great music, great mixes, great times and great experiences outside the real world. Lets fill the world with positivity, DISCO AND HOUSE MUSIC…



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